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So I install the MS authenticator app on my phone and am immediately trapped in a mobius loop with identity verification. Starting the app it immediately wants me to select and account. I select my MS sign-in account and the appgoes to verify identity screen.

There are four options

  1. Approve a request on my authenticator app” [which I am already running by the way!]
  2. Verification code from my mobile app [surely that’s the same as option 1?]
  3. Text
  4. Email [and it shows the wrong email]

Re the wrong email i go to my pc and double check my MS account. all is good. So where has this wrong email come from? Anyway I get nowhere with option one or two since the app is already running and isn’t providing me with a code.

I try Text and get a test message with a code but the app refuses to accept this code as it is one character too long.

Back on my PC I want to change my device privacy and history in Settings. I have to enter my password again then up come the same screen as on my mobile app asking to verify my identity with similar options to the app. so now I have the mobile app asking me to do the same as the desktop app.

I’m going round in circles.

Could Microsoft make this any more difficult?

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  1. jrswarr

    Is it possible that the "wrong" email address is the backup email address you may have provided as part of setting up security on your MS Live account? When you need to prove that you are you - MS will send a email to this address.

  2. dmclaurin

    When in problems, my motto is: Uninstall-Reboot-Install-Try Again.

  3. Lauren Glenn

    So why not do the text option? I set mine up for work and had zero problems. In fact, it was very easy to do.