Cortana on mobile (specifically Android)


If I don’t use cortana as my assistant, is there any use for the app on mobile anymore? I was using it for some pc syncing functionality (can’t even remember what it did) but I think that’s all been replaced by the ms launcher and phone companion apps right?

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  1. coeus89

    I use the Microsoft launcher, so I use cortana to add to my task list. This appears in the launcher's built in task list whether i use the PC or the mobile version. I don't use the app. I also use the PC version to set alarms or timers for myself, though i usually type the commands, not speak. I like Cortana over google's assistant for those tasks due to the notifications being (in my opinion) better than how google handles them. Google just sticks them in the notification tray. The launcher puts up a dialog when the reminder is due. Much more useful for me.

    So tldr, I don't use the mobile app. It has no useful (to me) functionality that isn't in the launcher or another app.