Edge iOS Beta Help…


Want to install Edge on your iOS device? Let’s figure that out!

This is a limited beta, using Apple’s TestFlight system, and you need a TestFlight invitation to make it happen.

Edge works on iPhones and iPads. It currently works best on iPhones (5S-8 Plus) and is not currently optimized for iPad. It still runs quite well though, but I wouldn’t use it as your main browser on an iPad. It’s great on an iPhone.

Okay let’s start, first you need to understand that this is not a normal iOS Store app, this is a limited private beta, available through the TestFlight system. Visit the following site in Edge on a machine running an MSA that’s tied to the Windows Insider program…


This will prompt you to install the Apple TestFlight app from the App Store, and that seems like it might be it, but you’ll see nothing! The thing is, what you’re doing is offering your Apple account to be a tester for that new app. It will also include a code to redeem in TestFlight for the Edge beta. The Edge Beta page will ask what your name and Apple Account email address is, but no more. You don’t have to give a password or anything, so don’t get all uppity…

Seriously, don’t get the slightest bit uppity or I won’t ever help you again. I’ll treat you like a pariah. Don’t test me. I’ll drop you like a ton of bricks.

Once you enter your name and Apple ID email into the , it’s only a matter of time and you’ll receive an email inviting you to join the iOS Edge beta.

If you don’t get it it means that you’re actually a Klingon and aren’t eligible. Sorry, Klingons, Cylons, and Sith Lords cannot test Microsoft software.

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