Iphone and Your Phone


I bought a second hand iphone as I don’t have the huge amount of cash you need to get an iphone. Although Android is full of customisations the consistent interface and the quality of apps has won me over. This week the idea of “live tiles” types of widgets and other things in IOS 14 have impressed me along with not selling my soul completely to Google.

The big issue for me was Windows integration. Your Phone has made Android the platform that is most compatible with the Windows ecosystem and using Windows. The iphone is a separate thing.

Until I found Dell Mobile Connect on the Windows Store. Its an app that does a lot of what Your Phone does. At first you can’t just download it because it says my Asus i7 is not compatible. That’s true. However, if you put it in your cart then you can buy it for 0.00 and then download it. I would suspect the compatibility check only works at one point. Once downloaded it does a good job of being “Your Phone for iphone”.

It makes me wonder why Microsoft don’t do it. My suspicion is licensing rather than technology.