Is Microsoft releasing W10 1709 to Phones ?


I have an off contract Lumia 650, which still does not recognise any W10 1709 Fall ctreators update (unlike all my PCs) Does anyone know if Microsoft intend to update any of thre remaining Windows 10 phones with a 1709 Release.

Or are remaining users expected to get it via subscribing to the Insiders Progarm ?

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  1. maethorechannen

    My 950 hasn't updated, though every major update I've had has trailed the PC version. Then again, I still have some PC (well tablets) that haven't updated either.

    • Simard57

      In reply to maethorechannen:

      what tablets are you using?

      I would like to consider a Windows tablet

      • maethorechannen

        In reply to Simard57:

        I have a few. Of the ones I'm currently using, the Surface 3 and Dell Venue 8 Pro (the "really pro" model with 2GB of RAM and a digitiser pen) upgraded. I also have a lesser Dell Venue 8 Pro (1 GB RAM and no digitiser, so I think the Pro suffix wasn't justified) and a Linx Vision 8 (more an Xbox One accessory than anything else - it slots into a game controller and is really useful with the Xboxes' streaming feature) haven't upgraded yet.

        I also have some other tablets lying around, from the time MS were trying to push cheap Windows 8.1 (with Bing) tablets, that never really worked well, and getting Windows 10 running on them at all was challenging. Not that I'm too bothered - they're all Black Friday specials where the tablets cost less than the Office 365 credit that they came with.

        • Simard57

          In reply to maethorechannen:

          thanks - quite a collection.

          I picked up one of those earlier NuVision. While I still use it, it wasn't money well spent - they seem to have not implemented power settings well and it drains quickly even if not being used.

          Sure hoping that WoA produces some inexpensive alternatives that give good battery life. Hoping companies like Chuwi are working on them now as are Lenovo, Dell & HP!

  2. navarac

    I wouldn't be asking the question really. The OS is dead. Go to Android or iOS (choose one!)

    • Jules Wombat

      In reply to navarac:

      I do have an Android Phone [Nokia 6], for software Testing , Apps experience and awareness. But I use my Lumia 650 as my personal preferred phone because it is still a superior beautiful user interface <in my opinion>.

      Until Android and iOS 'catch up' with a similarly compelling Live Tiles user centric interface , I will stick with my Lumia 650, Thanks.

      My understanding is that the 'FCU update' (when/if it comes) will be support only rather than features update.

    • lwetzel

      In reply to navarac:

      Why? Because you don't have a Windows phone? Or you have made up your mind that no one in the world should have a windows phone and therefore the decision has been made for the rest of us?


  3. Jules Wombat

    Still no CU Fall Update to 'normal users'.

    I guess Microsoft presume that only Windows Insiders that are using Windows Mobile phones today. So what and why are they updating, if these builds are never going to be be released to general users, and why did they announce the range of phones that would get the CU/Fall Update, if they had no intention to push out the support update ?

    <<And Please no more tedious 'Time to move On' comments, soe of still prefer WM10 >>

    • Wolf

      In reply to Jules_Wombat:

      After this month's patch Tuesday, both my wife's 550, and my 950XL were updated to Version 1709, OS Build 10.0.15254.12. The 550 was never on the Insider program, the 950XL was on slow ring and got 15254.1, but opted out of the Insider program before getting 15254.12. So, non-insiders are getting the update, it seems.

      • Jules Wombat

        In reply to Wolf:

        OK actually that is the same build I now have on my Lumia 650. I cannot remember any system reinstall prompt or upgrade sequence. I guess it was pretty quiet update. Nothing much change, as just support update.

        • Wolf

          In reply to Jules_Wombat:

          Yes, very light on the changes, but it's as solid as ever it was, for whatever that's worth ;)

          Of course, we won't see anything more than support updates from now on. It is what it is ...

  4. snow.steve22

    From what I've been able to gather, it's a less-than-full-featured Fall Creators' Update.

    (There is a list of phones that's supposed to get Fall Creators' Update directly rather than through the Insider's route. My current phone - 640 - isn't on the list but the 650 is...)

    Example: Edge does not have the Read Aloud feature on WM. I think that is only available in a later iteration of Edge's engine which hasn't been brought to WM so far. It will be interesting to see (once Windows 10 on ARM is released) if they can back-port those changes into WM. That would be a good, cheap way to keep WM up-to-date.

    Here's hoping...

  5. evox81

    From what I understand, there isn't a real "1709 Fall Creators Update" for Mobile. Development for mobile split off from PC several months ago in to, what is basically, a "support" branch. The most recent build available for mobile is 15254.1. I believe it is still an Insider build.

  6. skane2600

    It's "One Windows" so of course all updates to Windows 10 will be released for Windows Phones. /s