Outlook App for Android


This one one is for all of MS ecosystem users that rely on Android phone (Meaning almost everyone outisde US and Europe, since the new – and last – Lumias phones are not avaiable to purchase).

Here’s the thing: In Outlook app (which is a great app by the way) users can choose to sync their outlook contacts with Android contacts app but I find it impossible to add a new contact from within the Contacts app even if I pick the right account to add the info (outlook account).

The new contact is added (supposedly) in the outlook account but after some minutes it is just gone. Gone from contacts app and never synced to outlook.com.

I think this is just a limitation of the Outlook app which give us the sync feature but not add or edit a contact.

My question is if anyone knows any workaround that does not consist in adding an Exchange/Outlook account directly in Android settings (It will propbably cause double sync emails, calendars, etc.).

PS. Sorry my bad English, I’m from Brazil. 

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