Outlook for Android can’t edit/add new contacts.


In Paul’s “You Can Now Edit Contacts in Outlook for Android and iOS” article, it states “contact editing works only for Outlook.com and Office 365 accounts right now. Support for Google accounts is coming soon, Microsoft says.”

I have a hotmail.com address, and have just updated Outlook on my Android phone. I can not edit or create new contacts. Are hotmail addresses supported? If so, what else could be going wrong?

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  1. yaddamaster

    I also have the most recent version of Outlook for Android and I can't update either. You still have to go through the idiocy of having an Exchange account in addition to the Outlook account and then making certain "sync" contacts is turned on in Outlook.

    Microsoft - shooting itself in the foot continually since Windows ME.

  2. harmjr

    I am on Outlook version 2.1.254 (219) mainline I do not have edit contacts/people ability either.

    Does any one have it an know the version they are using?

  3. JBWild

    Hi Paul. I wish MS would publish the new Outlook for Android on the Play Store so we can actually try this. I have the 2.1.254 also with No updates available. Where did you get this seemingly phantom update and when? Is this available for everyone? I use Office 365 with Exchange email and cannot edit or add Contacts. I have Sync contacts On.

  4. Chris_Kez

    I'm still on version 2.1.254 myself, and I cannot edit/add Contacts. I'm using this with an Outlook account and I pay for both Office 365 and Outlook Premium. I also have the latest version of the app on iOS (2.38.0), and while that allows me to add/edit a Contact I still cannot add/edit a contact's photo. I've had several conversations with Support (using the in-app Contact Support feature) since this feature was announced for iOS in June and the ability to add/edit contact photos still is not working; Support acknowledges the issue and says they're working to improve this in future updates.

    So the bottom line, for me, is that there seems to be literally no way to add/edit contact photos in Outlook on Android, iOS, the web or the native Windows 10 People app.

  5. Chris_Kez

    Any update on this? Can anyone here confirm that contact (and contact photo) editing works on Android? If so, which version of the app do you have? I'm still on 2.1.254 (219) and it does not work for me.

  6. PhilipVasta

    So... I did get the update, but it's kind of disappointing. I tap "edit" and it simply opens whatever default contacts app I have installed on my phone. Is this really the way it's supposed to work?

  7. Peter Vassiliou

    I have the latest version also and I don't see the option to edit my contacts. I have an O365 account..

    What is more disappointing is that Outlook does not display contact pictures. Nine is much better than Outlook on Android and is worth the money. It is what Outlook should have been..

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