Who has still got their Microsoft Bands?


I’ve still got mine, still wear it for 23 hours a day, still get value from it. Has anyone else still got their own?

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  1. Thundr51

    I still have my gen 1 band, but it's boxed up as I'm using the band 2. Which only recently got a large tear on the left of the screen but I wrapped it in electrical tape and hoping it survives for a couple more months. I tried the fitbit blaze, as I LOVE the bands guided workouts, but was really disappointed by the fact that you cannot create your own workouts, instead you have to buy workouts through another app. Plus, I was kinda bummed by the lack of watch faces and how big/bulky it was. I was waiting for the "Android smartwatch for the Microsoft guy" article but I'm guessing it's never coming... :(

    At this point when my band does finally die, I'll probably try to find a Samsung gear or something. No, it wont come close to what my band will do as far as fitness is concerned but at least the smartwatch stuff is solid.

  2. canamrotax

    My wife's Band 1 sits in its box, on my shelf of defunct Microsoft devices.

  3. jwpear

    Still have my 4th Band 1, but find it uncomfortable to wear after the Band 2. It has corrosion on the GSR sensor behind the face, so it is picky about charging. My (second) Band 2 had strap tearing issues. As did the first. I sent in for repair/replacement not realizing they were out of large replacements and parts. After a bit of wait, they sent me a refund check. Had I known they were out, I would have attempted a home repair. I truly loved my Band 2. Really was an awesome fitness device and semi-smartwatch!

    I now use a Fitbit Blaze. I like that I can replace the band and frame anytime I need or want to. But honestly, I'm about 7 months in and have had zero quality problems. My biggest complaint with the Blaze is that it must be worn north of the wrist bone to get accurate heart rate readings, relative to a heart rate strap. Microsoft really got that right with Band 1 and 2. My second dislike with Blaze is that the text is too small for my middle aged eyes. I have to pull it much closer to my eyes to read.

  4. jim.mcintosh

    I gave up on my beloved Band 2 the end of March, when a crack in the screen got so bad, it made it unreadable. There was also a tear in the side of the band that exposed metal which I suspected wasn't a good thing. After researching it a bit, I got a Fitbit Charge 2 and have grown to like it quite a bit.

  5. rod070574

    Loved my band 1 while it worked - returned one for replacement; 2nd died after warranty was over. Once I heard no band 3 searched for a while and finally decided to get an apple watch series 2. been a few months so far so good.

  6. aparlette

    I'm still using mine. I had two replacements during the warranty period, and this time I had a new split in the band but it is out of warranty. I used a little super glue and it is working fine. I'm worried for the day that I can't fix it on my own. I still love the device, particularly the hiking tile and running tile. I tried the golf tile the other day and it worked pretty well.

    The last time I talked to a Microsoft support rep for the device I expressed how I wish that the brand continued. It now has a (virtual) place right next to my Windows Media Center that is also still going strong.

  7. Paul O'Flaherty

    I replaced my Band 2 once due to strap tearing and once due to it not charging. The not charging problem has now shown up on my latest replacement, but now out of warranty :(

    I have a Band 1 which amazingly still works and also have access to my wife's Band 2 (replaced once due to strap issues) so when I start exercising again (next week, honest!) I'll use those until they die too. Don't dare wear them daily as I did with my Band 2 as I know they won't last and I'm not aware of anything nearly so capable on the market.

    Wish MS had released the Band 3 with the rumored water proofing, blood pressure estimation and with better build quality/sturdiness - would have made an already great (functionality-wise) device perfect for me. 

  8. mccoll

    Currently on my third Band 2. Out of warranty and cracked on both sides. Held together by electrical tape. But I still use it every day and night. I'm procrastinating about what to do next. Maybe Garmin.

  9. SteveM

    Still using my original Band 1 which I got on day of release in UK. Sadly the battery only last about 90 mins now with GPS tracking on.

  10. unfalln

    My third Band 2 is sitting in front of me here at work (amongst a stack of papers) but I haven't worn it in close to a year. The spring behind primary button deteriorated when I bumped it on the corner of a desk once and now the band wants to shut down every time I try to press it. Given it was going to be my third attempted replacement and it was possible they would've said that it was my fault I pretty much gave up on it then and there.

    I did nearly 5000km on the bike with them but never did get a VO2-Max reading... :(

  11. robincapper

    Mine split after just under a year, Microsoft Australia (even though I got in NZ via 3rd party reseller not Microsoft), replaced it without question and the new one has been fine so far, but only a few months in.

  12. MacLiam

    Band 1 is in a drawer somplace, a little the worse for wear but still functional. Band 2 is on my wrist every day. I had to replace it for dead GPS at about six months in, but the replacement unit is still going strong a year later. Rubber still looks good, but I'm ready to make home surgical repairs to it as long as the electronics keep working. I imagine I will replace it with a high-end Garmin or Fitbit if I must, but I keep hoping some established consumer electronics company will buy the design and put it back into production.

  13. Nonmoi

    Still got one, but after both side of the band given (should Sugru it in advance), I got a Peddle 2 HR on the cheap, which is much more comfortable to wear. It has its ups and downs compare to my beloved Band2, but the comfort for able to wear it with most if not all 22mm bands and 2-3 days per charge with comfort knowing if I forget it will last more than an extra day without charging are huge plus in my book. (Note, the company behind it got purchased by Fitbit, and the product seems on its last leg of support now, so do you homework before you decide to switch.)

  14. bbold

    I've had to return my 'Band 2' 3-4 times for band replacement over the past year. I wore mine DAILY and on every workout from the gym to bike riding to hiking. I noticed the GPS being on would drain battery and using other features in the gym, as well. My complete coverage was about to run out, so I decided to call it in 'one more time' about 2 weeks ago, was having battery issues, it would go from 30% to 0% in seconds when it reached 30%. I was told to send it in, but that the refurb warehouse may be out of the Large size, and if they were, they would send me a check for $250 which would take up to 6 weeks. I told the rep this was OK but I would rather want a new Band, obviously. I was contacted and told they are out of the Large replacement bands and will be sending me out a check to make me whole again.

    Just a heads up to everyone: If you don't want to lose your band, don't send it in for repair, but the good thing is that they will now FULLY reimburse you should you need to send it in for repair and they are out. (The large sizes are out of stock now, with others to follow, I'm sure.)

    Otherwise, I totally loved my band! I asked the rep to let higher ups know how peeved I was that MS discontinued the Band. I think it's a fantastic device with much potential, much more accurate than my $500+ Apple Watch, even.

    • RickiTickiToc

      In reply to bbold:

      after my 2nd replacement band 2, with the other 2 failing at the same point on the strap, I wrapped some black electrical tape around pretty much from new. So far, fingers crossed, it's been fine. Good to know that you received a refund.

  15. GeekWithKids

    Back in February I returned my band. It was my third band to have the strap issues. Got a full refund, and got a Fitbit Charge 2, not as good as the band, but works pretty well.

  16. Sarge

    Use black Sugru, if you see splitting on your band, or put it on before for extra strength. Great product. https://sugru.com/

    I've done it to both my wife's and mine and I'm sure they would have died if I didn't do the Sugru fix.

  17. Jules Wombat

    Yep still got and use my 18 month old Band 2 on my exercise runs.

    Simply put, there is no better Fitness device.

  18. Hamiltla

    I still have both Bands and still using Band 2 (Band 1 still works)

  19. Otto Gunter

    Still got my Band 2, still use it, still love it! When the hr monitor gave out, I tried a Fitbit but quickly realized that it was nowhere near capable as the Band, mainly in capabilities and customizing. Plus, what other device tracks your golf game?! I got a new Band under warranty, hopefully it will last forever [:-).

  20. JWW

    I had a Band 1 & then a Band 2 which ended up having the charging/battery problem so after looking round I finally chose the Garmin Vivosmart HR+. A GPS is important to me and the Vivosmart with GPS on lasts for the longest of my hikes. There are many features I don't use but it covers all the ones I used on my Band. It's a great replacement for my needs.