Groove Music Pass


Just picked up 3mo Music pass for 200 points at Microsoft store. While supplies last.

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  1. cornholio

    as did I, although I'm not sure why--too good of a deal to pass up? Nothing else to use points on? I don't know... But ever since I "tested" GPM about a year ago, I've barely used Groove at all--it is just missing too many features, or they are half-baked compared to other services. I've also tried Apple Music and Spotify...but keep coming back to GPM.

  2. sammyd710730

    It appears you can redeem both the 1 month and 3 month options separately, for a total of 4 months. Just need 300 points. Sold!

  3. helix2301

    I grabbed 4 months of it I basically use groove on my phone for my personal music. We have spotify account for the echos in my house thats kind of the family music plan

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