Adverts in Office 365 Outlook.


So this morning a half-page pop-up appeared when I opened Outlook 365 on a Windows 10 machine “Do I want personalised or non-personalised adverts for Microsoft products?”

Does anyone wonder why I tend to use Linux, with Libre-Office and Thunderbird mostly these days? Microsoft; you are destroying everything with intrusive Ads. Nadella – you need to get your head out of the clouds (or your ass) and see what is happening. Reverse this crap.

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  1. miamimauler

    While I agree that MS placing ads in a paid Windows product is shitty I'm not sure anyone outside of tech sites really cares all that much.

    This is anecdotal only but in my discussions with my non-tech family and friends only on a couple of occasions have ads/promotions in W10 been raised.

    I think ads are just a part of life these days for people. In fact, I'm sure most people barely even register most ads now.

    I'm sorry but despite our hatred of ads in Windows it just doesn't seem to be an issue for most users.

  2. alsorun

    Each time I sign in to youtube, I am asked to sign up for their paid premium service. What am I going to do? Is there a Linux alternative to youtube?

    • Daishi

      Yesterday I picked up my iPhone to be greeted by a Lock Screen notification from Apple TV Plus, for which I don’t have an account, informing me that WeCrashed was now available and I could watch the first episode free.

    • wright_is

      Well, you could pay for it, then the advert would disappear.

      These are adverts in the paid-for version of Outlook.

  3. alsorun

    Two other examples. I called my doctor's office and was put on hold for five minutes. The line kept broadcasting about the hospital's service. I drive to work and the street is lined up with advertisement boards.

    I am not saying it is a good thing for Microsoft to advertise although some of the product tip is useful. I just want to remind everybody we are in fact surrounded by advertisements. So it feels disingenuine to be so upset when encountered with very small amount of ad on Windows.

  4. arjay

    Putting ads in the OS is a particularly nasty thing to do. I was going to leave Windows in 2025 when Win 10 expires. I only use Windows for a couple of specific things, and if they are going to push ads at me, I’ll just shut down the Windows system and move to an ad-free environment.

  5. anoldamigauser

    I saw the same thing in OneNote 2016 today.

    Dammit. They are screwing with everything.

  6. wright_is

    Not getting it on Outlook 365 Family on the Mac or Outlook 365 business on my work's laptop.

  7. MattBaker

    I saw the personalization question for the first time today, when I opened Word. I didn't get it when I opened Outlook earlier today.

    Last week, I tried to use Edge to look at my Facebook business account. Edge popped up a window offering a discount if I would try advertising on Bing.

    Which means Edge is watching user activity and dropping ads on top of pages.

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