Am I going mad or is sync between and Outlook 2016 useless?


I recently returned to after using Gmail for many years.

Cleaned up inbox, swept aside the rubbish and ran some rules. Cool story. account syncs beautifully on my Android device, contacts, calendar, tasks you name it.

Would like to sync my account with Outlook 2016 and, uh….wut?

  • Can’t sync contacts
  • Can’t sync rules
  • Can’t sync tasks
  • Haven’t yet figured out how to sync calendar

Please tell me I’m mad and wrong about this

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4 responses to “Am I going mad or is sync between and Outlook 2016 useless?”

  1. wright_is

    Its been working fine on my Office 365 for a couple of years. Everything "just worked".

    Try deleting and re-adding the account.

  2. Daekar

    You're mad and wrong about this.

    I suggest taking the suggestion from wright_is. The sync isn't super fast, but it DOES happen.

  3. AnOldAmigaUser

    If you use 2FA, then you have to generate an app password for exchange. After I did that, I had no problem.

  4. Tedzio Gibonni

    Check it's syncing as exchange and not as an Imap client

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