Dropbox to OneDrive Conversion


I am trying to convert about 500gb of data from my Dropbox account to OneDrive account. My local hard drive isn’t big enough and do selective sync. Is there a free way to convert the data from the Dropbox website to the OneDrive website easily? Only other option I can think of is to temporarily change my sync location to external hard drive but slow and not optimal and can’t make file changes while it is happening.

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  1. bob_shutts

    I wonder if OneDive can be put on an external SSD. Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

  2. joseivanp

    Check this service from Microsoft :

    Microsoft Fast Track services.

    • tonyweiss

      In reply to arnstarr:

      I looked at that one and it seems great. The issue I am running into is I can set up dropbox and OneDrive but it doenst give me a button anywhere to transfer files. Not sure what I am missing

      • david_tazz5

        In reply to tonyweiss:

        On my screen:

        Step 1: Pick source.

        Step 2: Pick destination.

        After I choose the source and destination folders the 'Step 3' part becomes available.

        Step 3: Start transferring.

        There's a "Start Copy" grey box to click in the 'Step 3' part of the screen.

        Edit: I used mover.io before it was acquired by Microsoft to move data from DropBox and Gdrive to Onedrive. It worked great. This time when I tested it, it took a few hours queued up before it started copying the files. But I didn't have to download and re-upload anything, just give it time.

  3. anoldamigauser

    I have moved OneDrive to a MicroSD card on a tablet with a 32GB drive, barely sufficient for the OS. Should be the same for an external drive, which would certainly be faster as well.

    You need to open OneDrive settings, and unlink the account. When you then select an account for OneDrive, it gives you one chance to move the directory. Move it to the external drive. If you want to keep them there, you are done. If you want to move OneDrive back to C: then choose the "Folders on Demand" option so they are kept only in the cloud. Then unlink the account again, and put it back where it was. Check settings to make sure that Files on Demand is still selected. Delete the folders on the external drive.

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