Junk mail filters not working on web-based outlook.com


I am using browser based outlook.com. The junk mail filters do not work. I am an Office365 Home subscriber. Is Microsoft requiring that you also pay the additional $10 for ad-free outlook in order for the filters to work?

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    I use the free Outlook, marking something as junk never works. Tomorrow I would get the same email, with the same subject in my junk mail.

    It does go to junk, but I click on block, it won't block that.

    If something goes to junk, if it's not junk, I'll mark it as not junk. The next time, it's in my junk folder.

    But I have to go to settings and white list the email address myself. Which should be done automatically when I click not junk.

  2. 5156

    In addition to marking things as Junk, I also create an Inbox Rule with conditions specifying the email address received and addressed to me to be moved to Junk. The Inbox Rules and Sweep Rules don't work. Does anyone know the fix?


  3. 6319

    Ever since mid 2016, outlook.com has sucked for junk mail filtering. In one day, it went from great to terrible, and since then it hasn't improved a bit. I love how I now get junk mail in my focused inbox.