Least laggy way to colaborate in MS Office as of now


I would like to work on a writing project (short article) with others using different devices.

Does anyone have an opinion on what is least laggy (seeing revisions from the other devices)?

1) MS Word vs OneNote

2) Windows 10 app, Full version app, web app of either Word or OneNote


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4 responses to “Least laggy way to colaborate in MS Office as of now”

  1. Vladimir Carli

    Google docs, by a far margin. I hate the app because is so basic but for simultaneous collaboration is on another planet. We usually write the text there and then we move to word for formatting and other advanced options

  2. BigM72

    I agree with Vladimir re: Google Docs.

    If you all must use a Microsoft solution then I would suggest you all use Word's web app to do so.

  3. darkgrayknight

    I think Word syncs faster than OneNote and the web app or mobile apps are usually a bit quicker than the full desktop version, as long as everyone has decent network connections. Syncing has improved quite a bit in the last couple years, so it is getting better as a real collaboration tool. Using Teams and the editing capability there may actually be even better, as that is what we've used most recently for collaboration on documents.

  4. 1armedgeek

    Thanks, guys.

    Even though I should improve my google docs skills (because so many other people use it), I am much more at home using Word & OneNote.