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Does anyone know of the best resource to use to learn how to set up a Microsoft Access database? I currently use an Excel spread sheet for my data, but each spread sheet only last for one week. I would like to change over to a database so I can keep entering data and pull reports from history as needed.


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  1. anoldamigauser

    Sort of an open ended question, so besides the obvious File/New reference you should probably take a look here:

    It sounds like you could just start with a blank database, then create a table that mirrors your spreadsheet. You could even import all of your weekly spreadsheets if you want the historic data.

  2. anoldamigauser

    First link was to developer stuff, here is the desktop reference.

  3. anoldamigauser

    Would be great to be able to edit posts. That was developer stuff too. Here is the user help/training:

  4. wright_is

    What sort of information are you trying to save? How many rows? Can you not do it with filtering on the Excel table?

    Access is overkill, if you are just adding a date column to an Excel table.

    Have you looked at Airtable? It has apps available for Windows, Mac and mobile platforms, as well as a webapp. It is very good and easy to use. You can set up a simple test for free, to see if it could help you out. It is more flexible and friendly than trying to learn Access, unless you really need the relational features of Access.