Microsoft kills personalized email addresses (again)


Got a notification from Microsoft that my Office365 subscription is changing. One of the items is that as of Nov 30 they are discontinuing support for new personalized email addresses.

On the one hand it’s a shame. I’m no longer surprised by the completely tone-deaf and misguided consumer choices Microsoft makes. Kill a feature (custom domains) ten+ years ago. Bring it back but only for GoDaddy and only for a maximum of six people on your plan. Then kill it again when not enough people use said feature.

Currently I use MXImprov for my custom domain email forwarding so this doesn’t really affect me. Anyone else use a reasonably priced service for family members? Like – the entire extended family – so more than just six.

On the other hand, email is dying anyhow. I find myself using it less and less and rely on services like Signal and Telegram.