Microsoft stole all our Family Calendars! Class action suit in the making?


All of us that still used the old Family Calendar functionality – basically a shared calendar associated with the main O365 account and shared with family members – have now seen it disappear from all of their devices. The negative impact of this is monumental for a great number of users relying on this service to manage their lives and family activities.

It seems as if Microsoft have forcefully migrated the family calendars over to the new Group function, where there is a default “My Family” calendar. Upon migration, the old calendar has been forcefully removed without my consent. There has been zero prior notification, no information shared by Microsoft, no warning on impact on current use cases, nothing, nada, zip!

To make matters worse, the only two ways of accessing the new My Family calendar is either through the online Microsoft 365 app ( or through the Outlook mobile apps. As an Apple user, I can no longer access the calendar on iOS or on the Mac. I cannot even access the calendar on the MacOS Outlook desktop app. NOT EVEN ON THE WINDOWS OUTLOOK APP!!

My privacy has ever been this invaded, even when having my password stolen as there has still been no breach of my personal information. Until Microsoft decided to do so without any notification or seeking my consent.

Unless someone can dig up something to corroborate their behavior, I would be calling for a class action suit. Not being a US citizen makes it hard for me to initiate, so hoping for a movement to be initiated.

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