Never mix personal and business – a sordid tale


I have an Office 365 Home/Family subscription. Has worked reasonably well. Yesterday I made the fateful mistake of trying to join a Microsoft Teams organization (for a volunteer organization) and decided to use my personal email – the same email I also use for my Office 365 subscription. It seemed to work fine and outlook on my machine continued to work as expected.

Today I had to reboot and when I when into outlook – nothing would connect. I logged out, deleted the profile, etc – nothing. Just constantly hung – first checking secure and then unsecured connection for my organization. That was my first clue something might be wrong. Organization?

I went to the Windows 10 mail app – no problems. Went to the Android mail app – no problems. Went to the web to log in and –

“It looks like this email is used with more than one account from Microsoft. Which one do you want to use?”

“Work or school account. Created by your IT department” or “Personal account”

I began to suspect that when the outlook client was attempting to connect it was running into the exact same question and didn’t know what to do.

I left the Team group. Nothing. I did some searching and discovered that by going to and going to my account settings I could see all of the organizations I belonged to. I found that volunteer organization and choose “Leave”. Closed everything.

Logged back in (even under incognito) and I still get the same prompt – it still thinks i have an email associated with another microsoft account. But now even by going to I no longer even see that organization – it’s gone but my email is still hijacked.

And now my Outlook desktop client is completely useless. Completely. Utterly.

No idea what to do now. Any suggestions?

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