New icons, again…


What is Microsoft doing with the new Office icons? Are they released or aren’t they? Which machines get them, which don’t?

  • Home PC, Office 365 Home – new icons
  • Home laptop Office 365 Home – old icons
  • Wife’s laptop Office 365 Home (sub account) – new icons
  • Android work – new icons
  • Android private – new icons
  • Work laptop, Office 365 E5 – old icons
  • Work VM, Office 365 E5 – new icons
  • Work Terminal Server, Office 365 E5 (installed today) – old icons

That is 2 separate accounts, my Office 365 Home on 4 devices and my work Office 365 E5 account on 4 devices. It is the same throughout our organisation, some users have the new icons some the old, where they use multiple devices, one device will have the old icons, others the new icons. It makes it very confusing for some users, that they have different icons for the same applications on different devices.

Why don’t they roll it out per account or per tenant, instead of rolling a random number to decide if the current install gets the new or the old icons. And it isn’t even the age of the installation, as noted above, the Terminal Server was set up yesterday and I installed Office 365 on it this morning.

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