No reporting on Outlook crashing on startup, Jul 15?


Wasted two hours this morning trying to get Outlook working. I would crash out without any error message seconds after starting. Ran all the repair options built into Windows 10, Downloaded and ran Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant multiple times, trying out different options, and being told multiple times I had the wrong account type. Ran anti-virus scans.

I finally tried the Microsoft Community and found this link:

Just pissed off now.

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  1. miamimauler

    No reporting? It's on several tech sites I've visited or are you questioning why this site hasn't reported on it?

  2. olditpro2000

    According to Microsoft, this is supposed to be resolved now. I believe it only impacted Click to Run installs of Outlook.

    (Again you'd think an issue as widespread as this was would have been found in testing...oh, wait. Nevermind.)

  3. wright_is

    I've updated my machines yesterday morning and was in Outlook all day long, without any problems - Outlook is one of our main tools and where we spend a lot of the day at work, and nobody has reported any issues from our test group that gets the update immediately.

  4. phayz

    Happened on my grandad's system last night (Outlook 2019), just after a Windows Update.

    Reset office (offline & online) and did the sfc check, tried to make a new profile.

    What fixed it was checking for windows updates. There was a 1903 March or Jan update that hadnt been installed. It did that, rebooted the PC and it worked again!

  5. beckoningeagle

    It happened in a few of my customers. All running C2R with Current build. Since the patch took a while to arrive I had to rollback to Monthly Enterprise Channel and change build to 2005. I'm going to keep them in that channel, 2 months behind, but free of these surprises on Tax day.