Office 365 Admin?


Got a question for an Office 365 Admin.

Can you modify the Office 365 log in portal to direct to a third party password reset system? We use the basic portal that Microsoft creates with our logo on it but otherwise its Microsoft’s site.

Where I work we have a third party application that handles the password resets and its just freaking annoying how many times people get stuck at Microsoft’s site. My admins tell me we cannot setup any kind of redirect or even basic guide to tell users to go here….

I am just wondering if my system admins are bs-ing me.


PS any examples I can show them would be great.

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  1. starkover

    I think access is controlled by Azure AD. We have on premises AD, but it syncs with Azure AD for access control. Passwords can be changed by users right from windows from the CAD screen. Not familiar with a third party complication, but the third party would have to sync with Azure AD to work.

  2. robinwilson16

    It looks like you can customise the text on the login screen so what about directing people to the forgotten password link at that point:

    https ://

    It is the text that appears under the signin button.

    Lastly another idea, if users are internal, could you apply a firewall policy to redirect anyone accessing that URL to your custom password reset system?

    Just an idea.


    • Robert-Hostetler

      In reply to robinwilson16:

      I really like your suggestion, but if for whatever reason the OP is denied on changing that part of the page, they may be able to get the help link activated, which I would hope links to a page that has an easy to find link to the password reset page (the recent companies I've worked with have password resets featured on their main IT support home page.

      To the OP - are you using ADFS for the page where the user enters their password? I'm assuming so, but just checking. :)