Office 365 Home now for six users?


Just got a notice from Microsoft that my Office 365 Home subscription now allows six persons to use it, up from five.

Is this the first step towards a price-hike?

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3 responses to “Office 365 Home now for six users?”

  1. Dan1986ist

    So, I'm wondering how the unlimited number of Office installs, but can only be signed into five devices with the same MSA will pan out? As for the cost increase, not sure about that.

  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    I think they are just trying to make it a bit more of a no-brainer for families.

    Besides, they were not very good at tracking devices, and the subscription owner could not see the installs done by others, so I think the "unlimited" devices sort of raising the white flag on that. Really, how many users are going to have 5 devices that they are logged into concurrently?

  3. ChristopherCollins

    My personal said as of October 2, I'd be able to have five installs. Even if I can only be in one at time, that will be very useful to me.