Office 365 Home Online Database?


So I inherited a lot of family mementos after my mom’s passing years ago. So I want to catalog the items package them up and put them into storage. I would like to make some kind of database so that it can be shared with family who can then search the database and find items they might want to lay claim to or provide history about the item.

So I started a Microsoft Access database to do this. However, it looks like Microsoft has given up on Access and it’s on its way out. Or at least there is no Online Office 365 version. So I would like to create a database where I can log the items name, location (storage box), include an image. I would like to build it in my Office 365 (University) or equivalent to Home version for easy sharing. I already share a lot of family photos this way. Any suggestion on what to do.

What would you create to do this?

Any help is much appreciated.

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