Onenote 2016 not longer present in Office 365?


Hi there,

I just had to reinstall Office 365 Home on a PC and guess what? OneNote 2016 didnt install this time.

Did Microsoft remove the app?


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  1. panderse

    I think if you install Office 365 Home via the Store, you will not get the "old" OneNote 2016 desktop application as the UWP store app version is regarded the successor. If you install via the regular desktop installer I think you can still get the desktop version if you prefer that one. I might be wrong though as I didn't try to uninstall and re-install to check this before replying to you ;).

  2. skborders

    I would imagine since OneNote is free it would not be in the Office install.

  3. skborders

    Went back and looked, it does show OneNote to be part of Office 365