Where is the Microsoft Store version of Office 365 Home?


So, what is up with the Windows Store version of Office, and is there a way to re-download and install that version not the click to run one? Has Microsoft discontinued the store version hence the redirection to the click-to-run version on the Office website?

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  1. coeus89

    They have discontinued it. It is now download only.

    • ph-sth

      In reply to coeus89:

      Oddly, I bought a new PC last month and the Store version downloaded automatically. Surprised me.

    • Dan1986ist

      In reply to coeus89:

      By download only, referring to the click-to-run version from the office website?

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to coeus89:

      Implying the MSFT Store doesn't provide any benefits for MSFT selling its own premier application software. What Windows ISV for Win32 software should bother trying to use the MSFT Store?

      I didn't realize it was gone from the Store. I had installed Office from the Store on my VM which I use for Windows 10 Insider builds, but then I opted into the Office Insider program too on that VM, and Office had reverted to standard Win32 software, meaning installed under Program Files. I figured that was because the Store couldn't handle frequent releases of Office Insider builds.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I've asked Microsoft to explain this.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    According to Microsoft, this was revealed back in May (I'm still looking for that). They said:

    "People will continue to be able to find Office in the Store. If the Office image isn’t already preinstalled, they will be directed to https://account.microsoft.com/to install it."