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Just an idea, i thought we should create a thread whereby we can post articles about Microsoft, MS devices or MS services for someone to debunk.  Possibly Paul because i think he likes this kind of thing.

First article:


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    rhetorical fallacies of logic.  Look it up. Read smarter...

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    The linked article above is specifically for NEW DEVICE SHIPMENTS. Not installed base. In terms of installed base, Android is the only OS which could challenge Windows. Note also that the article combined macOS and iOS.

    New device shipments. Per Gartner,, total 2016 Q3 PC shipments were just under 69 million, with Apple (Macs) having just under 5 million. Multiply by 4 to annualize (Q3 is back-to-school, so while lower than Q4/holidays, it's usually higher than Q1 and Q2): 276 million total PCs, 20 million Macs. Figure Windows is preinstalled on 92% of new PCs (so excluding Macs and barebones PCs), and that gives 254 million PCs. Round that up to 300 million for all other Windows devices: phones, servers, Xboxes, IoT.

    In addition to the 20 million Macs, there's iPhones and iPads. Gartner again,, shows 2016 Q3 iPhone shipments at 44,395,000, so times 4 annualizes to 177,580,000, so iPhones and Macs total to about 198 million units. Had to switch to IDC for tablets,, which shows Apple's 2016 Q3 shipments at 9.3 million, so annulaized to 37 million. So Apple devices in total would be roughly 235 million for 2016 as a whole.

    Looks like Gartner is expecting Apple either to grow a lot more than MSFT and its OEMs in 2017, or Apple to shrink a lot less.

    To which I can only ask, when has Gartner ever been wrong? [Hint: see its 2013 predictions for Windows phones by 2017.]

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    Gartner? The people who said Windows Phone will have 10% marketshare next year?

    I think there needs to be some sort of "snopes for tech industry forecasters" that keeps track of their forecasts and works out how accurate (or not) they are.

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      In reply to maethorechannen:

      Of course Windows Phone 8.x did reach 10% in several major European states,  before Satya announced he was no longer going to promote the platform mid way through 2015. You could see Windows phones being used by a disproportionally high number if users on UK shows.

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        In reply to Jules_Wombat:

        New phone sales maybe, but not all phones in use. And per StatCounter data, it was about half again more popular in Italy than in UK, France and Russia, and significantly less popular in other European countries.

        Sorry, successful in Europe doesn't mean viable worldwide.

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    Why? It's just clickbait. It's not as if Satya Nadella came out and said "We are now supreme over Apple". That would require debunking, but I'm really not interested in spending time on every podunk clickbait story. You just fuel their business model by doing this.