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Hi Paul,

I greatly enjoy reading your articles on I noticed an uptick in premium articles recently. Will all articles in the future, be premium-tized, this frequently? Especially about noteworthy subjects like this below?


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  1. Vladimir Carli

    I wonder... do you get paid for your work or do you do it for free?


    • Locust Infested Orchard Inc.

      In reply to Vladimir:

      Clearly all those who down-voted your comment, currently standing at –5, gladly offer their services voluntarily. Have an up-vote from me, steering your comment ever closer into positive territory.

      It appears since the appointment of Mehedi Hassan, whose articles are a joy to read, the vast proportion of Paul's articles shall be for premium eyes only. I've also noticed Paul now writes between two to three times more articles than he used to prior to Mehedi coming onboard.

      Surely more articles on can only be a good thing ? I certainly believe so. Perhaps it's high time I subscribed as a premium reader, to the delight of Paul.

  2. harmjr

    Simple answer yes.

    Long answer see First Ring Daily: Hello (New) World Paul explains it there.

    Time to opt-in for premium you will be happy. I know I am.