Skype User Numbers



I was wondering if Skype ever released any user numbers I mean I don’t know anyone with Skype to chat with but I do use it for international calls.

My question is with all the updates to Skype they have been rolling out lately I mean there must be a user base for them to put forward all this development and money.

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  1. longhorn

    300 million monthly active users. (can't post links)

  2. lwetzel

    My question is why would anyone use Skype? I've never seen the need.

    I mean I'm serious. International calling is that it? I tried once to use the messaging so that I could message on my phone and desktop. It really did not work. Most of the time texts to my wife's iPhone did not make it or visa versa. I had a Windows phone at the time. Was hoping it would be the equivalent of the iMessage Apple has. But no go. I have cell phone and house phone both do free long distance. So I just don't see the need.