Surface sales are down – nothing to report?


Normally, each Microsoft report is scrutinized here on However, I haven’t found a trace of the Q3 FY2017 report (released on April 27) on this site. Why? I hate to think it is due to the 25% drop in revenue reported for the Surface line…

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  1. matsan

    OK - saw you discussing it on First Ring Daily. Thanks.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to matsan:

      Just posted this as well:

      • George Rae

        In reply to Paul Thurrott:

        Oh come on, throwing shade on Paul is a reason to be here for some. Now you go and ruin it. ;)

      • matsan

        In reply to Paul Thurrott:

        Thanks for that post, Paul. I am not so much bothered with the release schedule.

        What bothers me more is that yet again Microsoft is bleeding/not making/revenues down money in the hardware business (Zune, Windows RT, Xbox (finally getting profitable?), Lumia (including Nokia purchase) and Kin just to mention some previous attempts in HW).

        Why do they do it over and over again?!?

        I'd really love to hear an in-depth analysis of why and when they will stop. As long as the money-printing machine (Productivity and Business Processes and ) in the other end of the Microsoft Campus is running they probably won't stop...

        • MutualCore

          In reply to matsan:

          Are you a huge owner of MSFT stock? If not, why do you care how much money they make or lose in hardware? Seriously I never understood this level of concern trolling about Microsoft that I never see with Apple/Google/Amazon.

          • matsan

            In reply to MutualCore:

            Yes, I have stocks in MSFT, AAPL and AMZN (and I bet your insurance company is having a part of your 401k plan in MSFT as well). Over one year: +37%, +53% and +45% thank you very much. As a stock owner I wonder why is not MSFT performing better?

            Companies tend to be more open with journalists than with financial analytics. Also, most journalists (there are some glaring exceptions) are not biased when reporting because their company is not sitting on a big pile of stocks in the company they are analyzing.

  2. rameshthanikodi

    there's a post on the earnings over at

  3. Jules Wombat

    Now that partners have embraced Windows 10 with some competing devices, there is little to no need for Surface Pro device updates anymore. Microsoft did not intend Surface to be a mass production, or revenue earner, just an influence to its hardware partners.

    • Tony Barrett

      In reply to Jules Wombat:

      Sorry. Don't think that's entirely true. MS made a big deal of Surface being a $1B revenue business recently, so it meant something to them. Granted, the Surface range premium and expensive, but it seemed people were prepared to pay what they asked, at least initially. Shame the devices suffered from buggy firmware and bad QA, but unless they can re-invent again with the Pro 5, I can see sales continuing to slide.

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to Tony Barrett:

        I figure everyone who wants to buy the latest Surface device does so within 12 months of release. After 12 months, demand drops off rapidly. It's been a while since the last new Surface release, so bit surprising sales are declining.

      • Jules Wombat

        In reply to Tony Barrett:

        No Microsoft is a Software and Services company. Not a hardware centric company. Surface is ONLY t pormoet Windows platfor, but even that is now ecliped by the Cloud services. As the latest financial results, Cloud Servcies is everything, and is the future for Microsoft. Obviously Windows Phone, XBox and Surface fans don't like to hear that, but its a simple and obvious fact.

  4. Bats

    You are absolutely right. Paul is usually on TOP of Microsoft news almost to the moment it is announced. Here, it takes a couple more days, because I think Paul needs time to think of how he's gonna spin this.