Build or Ignite


I’ve been presented the opportunity to go to Build and/or Ignite this year. If you could only choose to go to one, which and why?

Half of my day job is enterprise on-prem and Azure development, and the other half is business analyst type work.

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  1. Brad Sams

    Both are great events, but it sounds like more of your work is IT pro related? In that case, Ignite.

  2. lvthunder

    I guess it depends on which you struggle with more. If your IT skills are strong and your programming weak I'd say build. If it's the other way then Ignite.

  3. dougkinzinger

    Ignite is a blast, all the way back to the TechEd years. I go to Inspire these days, but man, good times at TechEds.

  4. will

    Ignite...they cover some dev stuff as well when it gets into the higher lvl it is ALOT more fun :)

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