fake news


I got so disheartened by the amount of fake news created by NewsOXY in my news feed that I had to send an email to them.

I trust only Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, Windows Central and Wmpoweruser.

So this was my feedback to them. As well as providing feedback as an insider to hopefully get sources like the NewsOXY removed from the news app.

I’m writing as I’m totally frustrated at the amount of news items that flood my news feed about Microsoft which are 100% clickbait articles that seem to have no actual merit of their own.


Whilst Microsoft doesn’t include any block feature on their news app, all I can do is choose to ignore them.

As you are making money from every click to your website from advertisements I would suggest you put a disclaimer at every article that it is solely views of the creator. Stop using false statements as headings and try to verify the quality of your stories with relevant experts in Microsoft such as Paul Thurrott of Mary Jo-Foley.


Thanks for filling my news feed every day with junk.

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