How cool is Bing?


So, I was born on March 9, 1972.

It’s nice to know Microsoft cares:

Bing: It’s all you ever wanted in a search engine. And more.

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  1. anchovylover

    Happy Birthday Erich, have a great day. :)

  2. arunphilip

    Happy b'day, Erich.

    Btw, nice to see Office 95's WordArt still lives on!

  3. Tiny

    Nice to know Microsoft is putting our personal data to good use.

  4. jimchamplin

    Little personal touches like that always make me smile a little.

    Sure, it's not like someone at Microsoft really put forth effort "just for you" but kinda… they did. The decision was made to create this and someone put in the time to do it.

    It's nice, and it's a personal little touch that makes Bing feel like it's actually ya know? "For" me, instead of the edge-case of billionaires skimming my searches.

    • ErichK

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      It was also more than just the static image you see in the screen shot I took. There was animation to it. Regardless, I'm not saying this makes Bing better than sliced bread or anything (ghostrider was a little triggered). That's why I ended it with that semi-sarcastic "Bing: It's everything you ever wanted in a search engine." My posting this was merely just an observation of what search engines are doing to get your attention, much in the same way Google makes those nice animations depending on what day it is, for the Olympics, holidays, etc.

  5. Bats

    The other search engine does it too.

  6. Tony Barrett

    It's called MS data slurping, then using your personal details to create a pointless customized search page. Bing doesn't have a single 'cool' thing about it, which is why barely anyone knowingly uses it.

  7. Bill Russell

    I have started reducing the # of tech sites I read because I am tired of the pointless comments about large respectable companies like Google and MS "slurping data" with implied malicious intent. Frankly I'd be honored if one of these companies could afford to pay personal attention to me and my data for some reason. 

    What these companies do is sell anonymous statistics on web usage for 100s of millions or even Billions of customers. That is what is involved with "selling your data". You can frame that useless phrase any way you want if you want to be critical of a company you dislike; typically this is either Google or MS. In the English language, the terms you/your make no distinction between singular and plural.  

    If anything what you would worry about is accidental hackings or release of data resulting in identity theft (Equifax anyone?). Companies like MS and Google know that one mistake, and they are toast in the cloud services/search markets. While these are large "big brother" corporations, in this case this is exactly who you want to trust in the cloud. 

    DuckDuckGo - who the heck are they, for example? Companies like that are the ones who are more likely to do questionable things behind the scenes as they are more desperate to make any money they can. Nothing personal about them but i'm using that as an example. So don't get mad at me if you are a fan of them, that's just a smaller company that comes to mind with less to lose and less scrutinizing going on.