I Still Need Skype


I don’t know what it is about Skype it’s just one product I can’t seem to move away from for my daily needs. I travel a lot for my job and places I go sometimes don’t have the best cell service but have wifi or I am over seas and need call my wife and kids.

I like how I can get Skype number for $35 dollars year and unlimited calling for few bucks and do not need an international phone.

My issues is besides phone calls I have next to no friends to chat with does anyone use Skype to chat? Is Skype basically a VoIP and meetings app now? I know Brad and Paul use it chat. Am I the only one with no friends to chat with on Skype lol?

I tried alternatives to Skype like Viber but they don’t have the designed number like Skype does for calling I must have 3 numbers one for US, Canada and one for Europe.

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