I wrote an app, to make using Microsoft’s converter tool easier


I was initially converting the program 7-Zip to the Microsoft Store (still coming, eventually), when I became extremely frustrated with Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter tool. It had no graphical interface, just a big PowerShell script which I had to pass the perfect variables to, in one command, for it to work. Then, if my finished package needed changes to the App Name or deleting a few files from the package (e.g. the old uninstaller tool, not needed in a Microsoft Store package), I needed to re-package the app with a different tool, and then re-sign it with another tool.

Overall, it took me hours to package the app, make necessary changes, and repackage it – and I couldn’t imagine doing it over and over again every time a new version of 7-Zip (or any other app I wanted to convert) was released. So, I wrote a UWP app to generate the commands for me. It costs $5 with 7-day trial, is on the Microsoft Store, and makes converting desktop apps take minutes with far better documentation.


I don’t know if Thurrott forums allows advertisements, but this is a front-end for a Microsoft tool which has been talked a lot about on the Windows section of Thurrott’s blog, so I think it is fitting. Hopefully this app will help more developers get their Win32 apps on the Windows Store.

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