Internet Explorer Mode on Edgium


Several weeks back I enabled the flag for this mode and the option appeared under “More Tools” in the ellipsis menu. When I tried to do this on my work PC (the only place I need it) I was told that it wouldn’t be able to work since the application was installed in a restricted user mode rather than installed in administrator mode. I got a chance to grab one of the IT folks when they were nearby setting up a workstation, and when I brought him over and was going to show him the problem, I found that this option no longer appeared in the same place. I made sure the flag was enabled but I still can’t find it. Did they move/remove the IE integration on a recent Dev channel release?

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  1. Lauren Glenn

    Install a plug-in like ieTAB from the Chrome store into Edgium. It works about as well (but it lets you set versions of IE, so it's not just the one version). And you can set certain servers to use this mode so if you browse to that server, it just runs in that container.

  2. ryokurin

    The built in support was moved to the enterprise version a while ago. As alissa suggested, try ieTAB.

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