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So Microsoft said that it would release a brand new Microsoft Authenticator app on Windows 10, iOS and Android all on the same day. August 15th came and they released the new, improved and updated app on iOS and Android and tweeted the Windows 10 version will release by that weekend. It’s now well and truly over 2 months later and not a single word on this app has been uttered. Does anyone know what’s happening with this app? I sincerely would love to have this app and am baffled as to why there’s been no word on why it’s not out yet. I was also under the impression this would work on Desktop too, like my Surface Pro 3. Does anyone know anything?

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    I guess you are looking for this app?

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    Alex Simons from the team says hopefully in the next 7 days (a few tricky bugs to fix):

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      Brilliant! Thanks muchly. That's all I wanted was just a little bit communication. As little as it is, that just explains that they hit a few snags but are working to bring it out asap.