Microsoft’s marketing people are overusing "X"


We all know “X” does well in a name but Microsoft’s lazy, uncreative marketing people are overdoing it to the point that it doesn’t make sense. At the same event, they revealed the Surface Pro X and also Windows 10X, which wouldn’t be too bad if the Pro X ran Windows 10X, but it does not. This is idiotic and embarrassing. They also named Scorpio “Xbox One X”, which is an awful and stupid name. They need to hire better marketing people that won’t just tack “X” on everything.

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  1. ngc224

    I like Chris Capossela and everything, but this was embarrassing.

  2. Hifihedgehog

    Is it so X-tremely X-traordinary, though! You can keep your nasty A through W and Y and Z.

  3. ghostrider

    Agree. The naming is just terrible. It's almost like every device now has to have an X in the name, but 'Xbox One Series X' is just embarrassingly, comically awful. Was 'Xbox Two' such a difficult thing for MS to grasp?

    One thing we can be sure of for naming is that Sony's next console will be the PS5. Simple, logical, to the point. It should win the next generation console wars on name alone.

    I'm not liking this new Xbox design either - it's just a black brick. Weird.

  4. Matt Kelly

    I’m waiting for the surface pro X S Max ?

  5. ngc224

    I think Microsoft will rename the Surface Duo as Surface Dos Equis, or maybe just Surface XX.

  6. Alastair Cooper

    Next year they could release a Surface Pro XP.

  7. beckoningeagle

    And it all started in the 90' when everything was Active.

    Maybe they should name it Xbox .NET ForeFront Edition

  8. willr

    I had to come back to this because Microsoft just announced that Scarlett will be named Series X... Xbox Series X... It's not funny anymore, Microsoft needs better people.

  9. harmjr

    I blame this solely on Apple and Microsoft's trying to mimic their older cooler brother.

  10. Lordbaal

    Every company is overusing it.

  11. Usman

    I think someone is a tesla fan, so they named the Xbox One S and X.

    Then the same with Surface Hub 2, 2S and 2X

    and now windows Windows 10, 10S and 10X (albeit being two completely different things)

    • Jackwagon

      In reply to Usman:

      They were into X's probably before Elon Musk got the idea for an electric car, though. At least with ActiveX, DirectX, and XBox. I guess there's a resurgence of it in recent years, but it's not exactly anything new.

    • willr

      In reply to Usman:

      Haha I forgot about the Surface Hub 2X, there are probably even more recent uses of "X", it's getting ridiculous. It's also very lazy

  12. Greg Green

    They could use Super, if nvidia hasn’t trademarked that.

    Maybe marketing everywhere has lost its magic.

  13. irfaanwahid

    What does X signify anyway, asking out of curiosity??

  14. saint4eva

    Is that the only complaint you have?

  15. bill_russell

    Maybe it was just me but I thought windows 10 should have been called Windows One, since it was going to be the last and "universal" or whatever and fit in with Xbox One theme.

    But I have had it up to here with X's and "pro" and "max" and whatever, same with Apple.

    • boots

      In reply to Bill_Russell:

      So we would have had Windows 1.0 and Windows One? What would be the point of that?

      • Greg Green

        In reply to Boots:

        One is numerical and the other is spelled out. Updates would be Windows One Point One, or Windows For Workgroups One Point One One, then later Windows For Workgroups One Point Eleven, which is clearly different. Since nothing is boxed anymore titles can be as long as 260 characters. /s

  16. StevenLayton

    Xbox 2020 X SP1 for consumers.

    can I have the job?