MS To-do list, consumer failure and trust


I read this morning that MIcrosoft has released another update to their “to-do” app on Android. It brings file attachments, tile support, and more.

The question I have is – “why?” Why are they doing this and why would anyone in their right mind use anything that is consumer-focused from Microsoft. Sure, use it if it’s part of Office 365 or xBox. But after all the failures, half-hearted attempts, and flat out abandoning the consumer space – why would anyone use this app or anything else?

How do you trust a company that couldn’t leverage a sure thing in a popular xbox character and make that a viable digital assistant? It’s as if killing off Cortana in Halo wasn’t enough for them.

I’m not being bitter. I can see using their Android start screen replacement. If they kill it you just move on. But a life-organizing to-do app? Why would anyone use that?

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