Outlook.com down?


Anyone else not able to get to outlook.com ?  Mine throws out an error 19204 128980-03-2 or says my account doesn’t exist.

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  1. xapache

    And now it is back.

  2. Lewk

    My Microsoft account is going nuts. It'll let me sign into outlook, but any other service isn't working. So I can't access my onenote, any office applications, Microsoft account page, onedrive.. everything is down for me, except my outlook wich is working fine. Has an authentication server gone down?

  3. ne0kn1ght

    I am getting the same issue with all my Microsoft account services. OneDrive, OneNote sync, Outlook.com.

  4. Jules Wombat

    Hotmail, Outlook and XBox services all down in Europe.

    This is Not good enough.

    Microsoft not giving us much assurance.