Outlook.com upgrade deleted my Contact Photos


My Outlook.com email account was finally, finally, “upgraded” last week.

With this “upgrade”, ALL of my contact photos were removed.  This is infuriating, and I cannot figure out a way to get them back.

I use Windows 10, Outlook.com, iPhone, and have an old Windows 10 Mobile device that I sometimes use.

All of my Contact Photos I personally assigned over the years, using Windows Phone 8, and iOS.  (Of course, as People in Windows 10 won’t let you change or add contact photos, I never edited these on Windows 10 desktop).

Since the “upgrade” to Outlook.com, ALL of my Contact photos disappeared from my iPhone.

Has anyone found a solution to this?  It is incredibly frustrating after years of curating and editing Contacts to have so much info simply destroyed by Outlook.com.

I understand that Outlook.com insists that contacts set their own profile photos (through Facebook or Skype, etc), but only 1% of my contacts have done that. 

Is there another service that I should be using instead as my universal source for Contacts to avoid this problem in the future?  The combination of Outlook on the web, and the Windows 10 People app (and Windows 8 before that), have been a joke with regards to contact photo management, and I am done with fighting against Microsoft to simply be able to have photos appear with contacts.  This is such a simply, basic functionality which has been an unnecessary uphill battle for years….

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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