Store Apps that insist on system drive install


The number and type of apps that “require” being installed on the system disk is honestly ridiculous. Anything that isn’t a digital media app needs to get over itself. Even those are being total whiners.

The fsking OS won’t allow AppX packages from one user to be run by another user… Hell, it won’t let me move a thumb drive from one system to another without blowing away previously-installed apps. EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE TIED TO THE SAME ACCOUNT!

So seriously. What’s all the whine about?

My system drive is a 128 GB SSD. I don’t want everything installed there. Just Windows really. I want to install Store apps to fast USB3 storage and games to a relatively quick 7200RPM SATA3 drive.

One thing is certain, I won’t be putting any storage restrictions on anything I publish to the Microsoft Store.

Time for the rest of these cowards to get with the program.

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