What’s with all the spam lately in Outlook.


What’s with all the spam lately in Outlook.

They all going to the junk folder. But still.

Almost 99% of them come from @whatever.stream.

I don’t know how to, if you can, block a whole domain.

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    Not seeing this on my outlook.com accounts

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    But Outlook is an email client. So any spam you receive was emailed to you and would be there no matter what client you used.


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    The Outlook filters are pretty good and for months I saw no spam at all. Just in the last few weeks, though, the occasional message gets through to my inbox that I would have thought could have been stopped. I just forward the bad mail to Microsoft's phishing alert center so they can analyze it and minimize the chances it would get to anyone else.

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    If you go to the feedback hub and click on "Microsoft Community" you will find thread after thread after thread of people truly disgusted with spam in Outlook.  Try searching Outlook spam on twitter...there are some mad people there too.

    Personally, for me I was getting about 200 of the filthiest spam emails I think I've ever received and could not figure out why.  After doing about two weeks of research and investigation I found out mine was related to a Skype account that I didn't sign up for.  I hardly ever got spam with my hotmail account, and don't get any with my three google accounts.  But when I was migrated to the "new" Outlook Mail a couple of months ago, the spam I started receiving was off the charts!   I happen to stumble on a link to a Skype Forum article and it ended up solving most of my problem.  Here is how:  I didn't realize that with the migration to the "new" Outlook Mail that Skype came with it by default.  Every time you sign into Outlook Mail it automatically signs you into a Skype account.   After reading that article I clicked on the Skype icon in Outlook Mail and much to my surprise there were my contacts from WLM that I hadn't seen since they killed it in 2013!  It was also showing me as available.  Smh!    Here I am showing available with a Skype account I didn't even know I had.  Checking through the contacts there (that didn't match my contacts in the People app btw) I found an unknown contact which I came to find out was a porn spammer from Skype (there were several threads in the Skype Forums on this too).   To make a long story short...I blocked and removed that unknown contact and my spam decreased from approx. 200 per day to less than 20.  How that person got added to my contact list in the Skype account that I didn't even know I had, I have no idea.   I never migrated or associated my WLM with Skype when Microsoft killed WLM.  I have never signed up for a Skype account either.  But evidently I have one now thanks to the default with the "new" Outlook Mail...thanks a lot Microsoft for that headache!   Anyway I hope this helps someone else to be aware and possibly check to see if this is causing your spam problem.  It definitely at least made my Outlook account more manageable.