Windows tried to install an Insider Preview update on a production install


I just noticed today that about a week ago (on the 24th), Windows tried to install KB4497936, which is an update for Insider Preview builds. The install failed, but this is a big issue, considering this is a production computer installed via the 1903 release ISO’s provided via

This computer is NOT connected to the Insider Program, nor has it ever had a Microsoft Account used on it. It’s running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, currently build 18362.116.

The update in question is for 18362.113 (this is the build number it would’ve incremented to, were it a previous version).

This scenario is another reason why Microsoft sucks at “Windows-as-a-Service”. Had this installed, it probably would’ve completely destroyed the system.

Does this show up for anyone else in their Windows Update log?

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