Wunderlist and ToDo


Wunderlist was a product bought by Microsoft to allow people to create and deal with “to do” lists and the like. It was integrated with Cortana because you could add it as a connected service.

Just when I was starting to use Wunderlist Microsoft announced they were deprecating it and introducing Microsoft ToDo. Rather naively I assumed this would be a re-brand of Wunderlist but it turned out to be a whole different thing.

ToDo wasn’t updated very much. On the positive side there was a UWP WindowsPhone and Windows 10 app.

Wunderlist seems still to be around and you can still download it from the Store. Cortana lists and reminders don’t seem to relate to either of them.

So is Microsoft ToDo the future and the app I should be using? Is Wunderlist really going to be deprecated and should I really use that? How does Cortana lists and reminders fit into this.

ToDo lists seem to be a something straightforward. How does Microsoft end up with 3 different systems?


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