Xbox 360 – New to Gaming, But Very Bad At It


Greetings. We’ve had an Xbox 360 for several years now. We originally bought it for my wife to use for fitness (we purchased the kinect as well). We never really used it, until recently. I have started gaming. The upside is that every game is new to me, so I can pick up a game from 2012 very cheaply. The downside is I am extremely bad.

In particular, I am playing Deus Ex on my Xbox 360. I can’t get past a certain part – a fight with a guy named Barrett. Unfortunately, you can’t just punch in cheat codes like you can on a PC.

So my question is, are there “saved games” available for download; i.e. I can download a saved game from someone who got past that point, save it my my system, and the game progresses as though I was successful. Is something like this available?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. jlv632

    Not that I know off. However Barrett... is one of the easiest bosses in the game. The two after him are much harder.

    I recommend watching YouTube videos or maybe even find a copy of Deus Ex the Directors Cut version. In this re-release, the Barrett fight changed and I'm pretty sure you can beat him by hiding in the roof

  2. tahj

    I also do not think it's possible to do it, but I also advise you to look for tips on the net or youtube it will help you, I do that too when I am stuck in a level of play.


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