Xbox Live Rewards is becoming Microsoft Rewards in Canada


Received an email from microsoft last week stating the follow:

We’re excited to announce that Xbox Live Rewards will soon become Microsoft Rewards in Canada… giving you new ways to reward yourself for doing the things you love with Microsoft products and services. In addition to many of the benefits you’ve enjoyed with Xbox Live Rewards, you can now earn points when you shop the Microsoft Stores and when you search using Bing.

What do you need to do? Nothing! We’ll communicate with you again once your transition to Microsoft Rewards is complete. If you do not want to join Microsoft Rewards, you will need to opt-out of your Xbox Live Rewards account no later than October 7, 2017″

Is anyone else seeing this and is this only in Canada?

NOTE: Also if this post shows up more than once I apologize. I tried posting from my phone twice and either time the posts did not show up in the forum.

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  1. Alkaidia

    Mobile Syrup has a reasonable article on this, with links to more information. But in short, yes everyone should have seen this, and no it's not only in Canada. Canada is the fifth or sixth country to have this, (and some, such as the US, have had Microsoft Rewards available for a long time now).

  2. anchovylover

    MS Rewards recently came to Australia. Despite my low opinion of Edge I decided to give it another go and use Bing. While it is inconsistent at times Edge has come a long way and for a normal everyday user such as myself it is usable. In fact I'm using Edge around 90% of the time this past week or so. In addition I'm finding Bing to be better than I expected and have only needed to use Google search a few times.

    Bottom line is I'm now using Edge with Bing search and gaining MS reward points as I go. Further, after getting to only 300 points I was offered three months free usage of Groove for only 200 points which I gleefully accepted. Spent a few hours curating a few playlists to reflect my moods and now browse the net with Edge and Bing with Groove playing in the background.