1909 update for a Surface Pro 4


Hello all,

Should I be worried that I am trying to “seek” 1909 on a Surface Pro 4 and I am not seeing the update. I remember in December seeing it as an optional update, but it isn’t there now. Am I paranoid and shouldn’t worry about it?

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  1. jlv632

    What are you on now? My Surface Pro 3 is on 1809 and I've gone to settings numberious times looking for 1909 or 1903 to no avail.

  2. earlster

    My SP4 is on 1909, happened a while ago. It's definitely supported.

  3. justme

    My SP3 is supported, so I cannot fathom why your SP4 would not be. I have never figured out the 'secret sauce' that allows you to get Windows automatically as to date, it has not happened for me, even when I went out and 'sought' it. I ended up going to the Microsoft Windows 10 download site and it asked me if I would like to run the Update Assistant, which I did and that seemed to work for me.

  4. MacLiam

    The Windows Update Troubleshooter has helped get me out of install problems in the past. It's not universally effective, but I would try it first. (Assuming, of course, you haven't tried it already, in which case I apologize for mentioning it.)

  5. lwetzel

    Paul posted this today (If you haven't seen it yet)

    Windows 10 Version 1909 Now Available to All “Seekers”