19H1 Release Preview fails to install… but keeps trying

My custom built desktop PC is on the Release Preview ring and it has seen the 19H1 build which is was recently pushed to that ring. It tries to install but fails when it does some compatibly check. Sadly this process further highlights the Windows team’s knack for building software which confuses and frustrates users.

Here is the process:

  1. Open Settings app and check for updates
  2. Update found 19H1, begins downloading
  3. Downloading compete, begins installing
  4. “Install unable to compete” so I click the button which says “Fix Issues”
  5. A traditional desktop window pops up and tries to install the update
  6. That window fails and says there are compatibility issues

At this point there is no clear path forward do I click “refresh” on this new window? There are no indications of what is causing the error, is it the webcam or my mouse or my video card? No clues.

So then I click X to close the window but a message pops up saying “updates have not been installed are you sure you want to exit the installer?” Now what the heck?? No, I’m not sure I want to close the installer. I want to install the updates but apparently they won’t install… so what am I supposed to do leave this window up until Microsoft fixes the mysterious compatibility error?? To add to the stupidity of this situation Windows Update apparently has no way of registering that there is an error with this update and will try to install it over and over and over with the same error.

This is the kind of half-ass software development Microsoft is famous for which normal people bump up against and end up with a bad taste in their mouth.


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