21H2 released


Just got the notification for this: blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2021/07/15/introducing-the-next-feature-update-to-windows-10-21h2

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  1. will

    Released to Insiders, but the general release is still a little way out I believe.

  2. crp0908

    Paul already posted an article referencing the same John Cable announcement.


  3. epguy40

    though a slightly newer 21H2 build came this past Tuesday (19044.1149) than the first 21H2 build (19044.1147) that came more than a week ago


  4. bluvg

    I tried posting it here the same day I saw it on July 15 (tried several times before Paul's post), but it kept throwing an error. I gave up, but apparently it finally did post, though many days later.

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