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Does anyone know if the Cortana features demoed at Build 2016 are live? I remember them working on some of the Insider Builds for Mobile but I can’t get any of her proactive features to work.  

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    I often use Cortana, but would be nice if it did it better.

    I often try saying Play <music track> with groove.
    I have a huge onedrive directory of my music from many sources and on a drive that sits on a home shared drive taht groove has access to.
    It sometimes works, but later it does not and brings up a web page and sometimes just says cant do it or Im having trouble.
    This happens for tracks, artists, albums and playlists.

    It is so annoying too when sometimes it does not get the track right and says you neeed to buy a sub, or opens edge with a daft search from Bing. I do not want bing. So frustrating.
    Would be nice if you could use Cortana for more apps, but the apps on windows 10 are so sparce and not good. MS really do need to push further there to get a lot more apps doing some good stuff.
    Id love to say open apps with a command, like Open Spotify, play <music track> and do similar for many, many apps.

    Trouble is it seems so unfinished all the time, so you try it, it fails and you do not botehr again.
    Also, do like the new google thing where it can tell if your in the room, as I have a few PCs on around the house and if I ask Cortana a question, I then go to another room with a device and see loads of edge browsers open with search terms and Programs open. If you are signing in with the same id, it should only be doing one device at a time.

    Not interested in all that telling you i need to go to work now, whats the traffic, buy stuff with it etc.
    Get some more local OS local stuff working.